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Fun activities for kids

Plan a party for election night

In Issue 30, we showed readers how they can make an electoral map placemat and a vote garland to prepare for election night on November 3. The templates to create both of those crafts are available here to print for your child.


Help your kids learn origami

The ancient Japanese art of folding paper is a fun way to make animals and more. While they can look detailed, many aren’t difficult to make. Here’s how to get your kids started.


Make broccoli cheddar soup

Rich cheese, healthy vegetables, and crunchy bread make this dish a fall delight the whole family can make together.


Give a great speech

It’s important for kids to learn to speak up and speak out to express their opinions to other people—and gain confidence. Here’s how to get them started.


Make crispy monster treats

Readers can turn a favorite snack into a ghoulish creature the whole family will enjoy. But beware: They may be too cute to eat.


Create a treasure hunt

Families can work together to make this activity even more fun and challenging. Think up puzzles to solve and hide clues for others to find. Here’s how to plan a treasure hunt.


Make a triple-decker tortilla pie

Feed the whole family with this delicious one-pan dish kids can easily assemble and cook. The recipe is sure to be a hit.


Learn to play an instrument

Making music is a great hobby for kids. Playing an instrument helps them express themselves, and it even helps some do better in school, feel less stressed, and be more confident.


Make animal-face cupcake toppers

Start with cereal boxes and paint, add some creativity and inspiration, and soon readers will have adorable animals to decorate their sweets.


Train for a 5K race

Taking part in a 5K is challenging, rewarding, and fun. By following this five-week program to train for the 3.1-mile race, kids—and grown-ups!—can learn to stick to a plan and achieve goals.


Paint a wall mural

Let kids use their creativity to personalize their space, without buying new furniture or decorations. Here’s how to paint one or two walls of a room with a mural or a design.




Bake warm blueberry muffins

Readers can whip up these golden, fluffy, and fruit-filled muffins in no time. They’re great for breakfast, or even an afternoon treat.



Celebrate grandparents

If you think grandparents deserve their own holiday, don't miss National Grandparents Day on September 13. Here’s how kids can show how much they care.


Make roasted vegetable wraps

Who knew veggies could be so tasty? Kids can roast them up, add some chickpeas and lemon, wrap it all together—and feed the whole family.


Be healthy workout

Readers will work up a sweat with this challenging set of exercises they can do just about anywhere. Maybe you’ll join them!


Learn sign language

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language of the Deaf that uses body, hand, and face movements (known as signs) instead of spoken words. Here’s how to get started.


Make a cellphone holder

With a little bit of paint, some glue, and a toilet paper roll, readers can easily create an adorable—and handy—animal.


How to set a smart sleep routine

Getting enough rest can make people happier and healthier. As kids start the school year, here are some ideas to get their sleep schedules on the right track.


Make yogurt and berry parfaits

This simple recipe packs a flavor punch. Kids can layer on the deliciousness with just a handful of ingredients.


An essential guide to stretching

A balanced exercise routine involves cardio, strength training, and—just as important—stretching. Here are some tips to get started.


Make a stop-motion film

Readers can bring toys and other objects to life with this creative and easy technique that uses photographs. You’ll be amazed at the stories they tell!


Create colorful crystal shapes and letters

Kids and adults alike can make a unique decoration, gift tag, or ornament in just a few steps. Make them as gifts for each other!


Looking for more fun things to do?

We’ve collected all of our earlier games, workouts, and activities in one place.