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Fun activities for kids

Learn to juggle

This hobby, often seen at the circus, has been around since ancient Egyptian times. It seems the Egyptians were onto something—juggling boosts concentration and hand-eye coordination, and it’s fun to try.


A boy juggling tennis balls

Make a cool cucumber dip

A quick and easy cucumber yogurt dip with dill makes eating vegetables a whole lot better.


Cucumber dip with dill in a round bowl

Take great photographs

Whether it’s a selfie, a snapshot, or a creative composition, photography can be a great way to express oneself. For those who want to learn new skills—or enter our photo contest—here are a few tricks to snap better photos.

A girl taking a picture with her phone

Plan a staycation

There’s no need to travel far away to have fun. Whether it’s a backyard “beach day” or a virtual city tour, families can have a fabulous summer vacation together at home.

A boy in a hammock

Make planters from plastic bottles

One great way to reuse empty plastic containers around the house is to grow plants inside them. These homemade planters look like adorable animals.

Animal shaped colorful planters made out of plastic bottles

Start a book club

The only thing that makes reading more fun is doing it with friends! You can also form a family book club with loved ones near and far.

Two smiling little girls

Make an animal bookmark

Brighten up every book with a handmade bookmark. You can craft a cat or dog, a bunny with pointy ears, or even a sloth hanging on a tree.

Handmade animal-shaped colorful paper bookmarks

Is your child interested in protecting the planet?

If so, we want to hear about it! Download and print our form for your child to fill out, and then email it to us for a chance for their thoughts and artwork to be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Send all forms to


Watercolor painting of planet Earth

Go on a fun picnic

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a packed lunch at the park or the beach with family and friends. We have fun theme ideas and a few simple steps for planning a festive outdoor meal.

A mother with two daughters smiling, apples in a bowl in front of them

Make patriotic ice cream sandwiches

Independence Day is coming up, and we have dessert covered—with sprinkles, that is. These red, white, and blue ice cream sandwiches are great for the Fourth, and all summer long.

Cookie sandwich with white frosting and red, white and blue sprinkles

Stay safe in the sun

One of the best parts of summer is spending time outdoors, but it’s important to keep sun safety in mind. These simple steps can protect skin from being damaged by the Sun’s rays.

A smiling girl with curly hair wearing  a sand colored sunhat

Make fudge cherry pops

Creamy, chocolatey, and flavored with cherry jam, these frozen pops are truly a treat. Paper cups can be used in place of popsicle molds.

Frozen chocolate popsicles on ice-cubes

Eat a healthy breakfast

A great morning meal helps with feeling good all day long. We have tips for easy, healthy, delicious breakfasts inspired by morning meals around the world.


A girl eating breakfast, cereal and red grapes

Make bubble paper prints

Blowing bubbles in colorful soapy liquid creates fun designs for prints that can turn into greeting cards, gift wrap, tags, or bookmarks.


Abstract bubble art paintings

Learn to play chess

Millions of people play chess, one of the most popular board games in the world. The game is all about strategy and smart moves, but it’s fun and easy to learn—and we can help.


A boy looking thoughtfully at a chessboard with figures

Make no-bake bug cookies

Adding a bit of icing and candy turns store-bought cookies into the cutest little ladybugs and bees. These crunchy critters come together in minutes.


Ladybug and bee shaped cookies

What does democracy mean to your child? We want to hear what readers think! Download and print our form for your child to fill out, and then email it to us for a chance for their thoughts to be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Send all forms to

Democracy in action button pin

Looking for more fun things to do?

We’ve collected all of our earlier games, workouts, and activities in one place.



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