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Fun activities for kids

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Create a vision board

The start of a new year is a great time to think about goals. Making a vision board—a poster filled with inspirational pictures, words, and—can help people achieve their dreams.

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Cook your own French toast

This delicious dish fills the kitchen with the scents of vanilla, cinnamon, butter, and maple syrup. Top with fresh fruit for a healthy addition.


Review your year

There’s no doubt that 2020 brought challenges to the world, but there were probably some silver linings too. Here are some interesting and creative projects to mark the moments worth remembering.


Make crispy 2021 treats

Readers loved our recipe for Halloween crispy monster treats so much that our recipe creator made this New Year’s version of it! 


Enjoy the winter solstice

Try a new family tradition on December 21, the official first day of winter and the shortest day of the year. Here are some activities to try.


Bake marbled Kwanzaa cookies

These colorful treats are perfect for Kwanzaa, a celebration of African American culture that begins on December 26 and lasts for seven nights.


Plan a holiday lights walk

Checking out decorations in the neighborhood is festive and fun, no matter which holidays your family celebrates.


Make red velvet Christmas cookies

These delicious, oversize cookies make great holiday gifts for family and friends.


Create a Picasso-style portrait

Kids can draw a simple self-portrait, then transform it into Cubist art—a style that shows multiple views of something put together in the “wrong” way.


Bake a batch of Hanukkah cookies

These buttery cookies with chocolate on top are the perfect way to celebrate Hanukkah, which is from December 10 to 18 this year.


Give thoughtful holiday gifts

It’s always special for kids to surprise someone they care about with a gift for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa. But how do they decide on a present they’d be proud to give? Try these tips to help them find meaningful presents for family and friends.


Discuss the US election

We surveyed kids across America to find out what they think of Election 2020 and the issues that matter most. Read and talk about the results with your kids!


Understand the Electoral College

The Electoral College can be confusing even for adults! Our clear explanation—including a map with the electoral votes in all 50 states—simplifies it and sparks discussion. 


Boost drawing skills

Whether they want to sketch nature scenes or comic strips, these easy tips will help kids learn to draw in creative ways.


Find a way to volunteer

Any day is a good day to volunteer. But readers and their loved ones can celebrate Family Volunteer day by giving back and helping those in need.



Make slow-cooker corn pudding

This creamy corn pudding makes a delicious side dish for Thanksgiving, but kids can cook it anytime!


Go on an eagle watch

Late fall and winter are a great time to spot this amazing bird, which is the national symbol of the United States.


Make an autumn decoration

Kids can bring a little bit of nature and the beautiful colors of fall indoors with this craft project.


Start a podcast

Listening to podcasts is fun, but readers can also learn how to record a show that other people can listen to. Here’s how to get them started.


Looking for more fun things to do?

We’ve collected all of our earlier games, workouts, and activities in one place.