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Activities for kids

These how-to guides, recipes, crafts, and project ideas
make learning new skills exciting

Fill out our grandparents form

We want to hear why grandparents are important to kids! They can write and draw their answers on this form and then an adult can email it to us at hello@theweekjunior.com. Some submissions will be printed in future issues of the magazine.


Pack a healthy school lunch

Lunch is a great time to catch up with friends, but it’s also important to fill up on nutrient-rich foods. Here’s how to pack a healthy, balanced lunch and stay energized through the afternoon.



Make animal charms for a backpack

Cute bears, pigs, and dogs made from wooden beads will add character to any backpack. A thick string makes adorable “legs” for the animals.



Find out about 9/11

Our age-appropriate explainer and list of middle-grade books can help kids understand what happened on that day 20 years ago.




Mark the start of school

As much as most kids love summer, back to school is also a really fun and exciting time. Here are a few ways to start off on the right foot for a successful year.



Craft a colorful supply organizer

This organizer, made from recycled cardboard, is great for storing pencils and markers. Children can follow our suggestions for colors and designs, or customize it with their own.



Draw a comic strip

A comic strip tells a story through a series of illustrated pictures and words. Making one is a creative way to bring ideas to life, and it’s also fun and easy.




Stamp a colorful T-shirt

Tie-dye is not the only way to jazz up a shirt with color. Potatoes, carrots, or apples make great stamps to create cool patterns and designs.



Start a business

Many hobbies and ideas can also be turned into small businesses. These steps can help kids start earning money from something they enjoy doing.



Try a pesto couscous salad

Pearl couscous, veggies, mozzarella, and basil come together beautifully in this salad. Leafy greens like kale or arugula can be substituted for the basil to give it a different flavor.



Map your neighborhood’s trees

There are about 1,000 species of trees in North America. Here’s a fun way to find out which ones are living in the neighborhood. 



Mix up a pitcher of watermelon lemonade

Fresh watermelon is turned into ice cubes, then lemonade is poured over top for a refreshing drink that changes color as it sits.



Learn to juggle

This hobby, often seen at the circus, has been around since ancient Egyptian times. It seems the Egyptians were onto something—juggling boosts concentration and hand-eye coordination, and it’s fun to try.

A boy juggling tennis balls

Make a cool cucumber dip

A quick and easy cucumber yogurt dip with dill makes eating vegetables a whole lot better.

Cucumber dip with dill in a round bowl

Take great photographs

Whether it’s a selfie, a snapshot, or a creative composition, photography can be a great way to express oneself. For those who want to learn new skills—or enter our photo contest—here are a few tricks to snap better photos.

A girl taking a picture with her phone

Make fudge cherry pops

Creamy, chocolatey, and flavored with cherry jam, these frozen pops are truly a treat. Paper cups can be used in place of popsicle molds.

Frozen chocolate popsicles on ice-cubes

Eat a healthy breakfast

A great morning meal helps with feeling good all day long. We have tips for easy, healthy, delicious breakfasts inspired by morning meals around the world.


A girl eating breakfast, cereal and red grapes

Make bubble paper prints

Blowing bubbles in colorful soapy liquid creates fun designs for prints that can turn into greeting cards, gift wrap, tags, or bookmarks.


Abstract bubble art paintings

Looking for more fun things to do?

We’ve collected all of our earlier games, workouts, and activities in one place.



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