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Imagine a magazine that can inspire 8- to 14-year-olds to discuss the news of the week with their parents, teachers, and friends. Right now,
The Week Junior is empowering hundreds of thousands of kids across all 50 states to love reading, develop their own points of view, and find their voice. No wonder they love it.

  • Our readers run to the mailbox.
    Every week, our subscribers devour 32 colorful pages full of thought-provoking articles, eye-catching photos, and big ideas—addressed to them and delivered right to their home. It’s amazing to see how kids engage and what they are inspired to express, think about, and do.
  • It’s sparking their natural superpower: reading.
    You know just how wonderful reading is for your child. Reading sparks a lifetime love of learning, gets kids on track for success, and helps them identify and follow their passions. There are stories in The Week Junior that speak to every child and inspire them to keep reading.
  • Watch them develop their own point of view...and express it.
    You’ll be delighted by what your child will bring to the dinner table—and into their classrooms—after reading The Week Junior. They’ll form their own opinions based on trusted, objective, unbiased reporting presented by literacy-minded editors and best-in-class fact-checkers.
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Loved by Kids, Trusted by Adults, Enjoyed by All

—Seb, 5th grade

When The Week Junior comes in the mailbox, it literally makes my week!

—Becky, New Jersey

Our whole family loves The Week Junior! It has brought current events to our daily conversations in such a child friendly way. It has also helped me tackle discussing tricky topics with my children by presenting information to them in a clear and unbiased manner.

—A.D., Pennsylvania

I bought this subscription for my granddaughter, Vivienne, and she absolutely loves it. Keep sending it to her!!!!

—Angela Barnsback, 6th grade ELA teacher

The Week Junior is highly engaging and keeps the interest of even my most reluctant readers. My students LOVE getting theirs every week because there is something for everyone in each issue. I love it because The Week Junior gets my students excited about reading!

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