Two girls in a treehouse talking about The Week Junior

About Us


The Week Junior reports news directly to kids ages 8-14—providing the facts behind what’s happening in the world and empowering Gen Alpha to develop and voice their own point of view. Our weekly subscription magazine, launched in March 2020 and now reaching over 100K households, is packed with news, science, animals, nature, sports, entertainment, and puzzles alongside reader-submitted stories and causes kids care about. Interactive franchises, like The Big Debate (inviting readers to weigh in on the news of the week) and Junior Council (kid reporters in training) provide a platform for kids to be heard.

In addition to content that encourages children to arrive at a real understanding of the world, The Week Junior’s experienced team of literacy-minded editors also provides parent-oriented communication around timely topics and resources for educators.

Beyond the magazine, platforms include and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest (for parents), as well as PopJam (for kids).

Among our new initiatives and expanding platforms are seasonal features like Summer of Reading (industry-leading recommendation engine for “middle grade” books), an annual national survey (polling kids across the country on pressing issues), photo/illustration contests, and more.