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With 32 pages full of engaging articles, eye-catching photos, and big ideas, The Week Junior features everything from current events to coding and cooking. It boasts interviews with inspiring people, thought-provoking debates, puzzles, activities, and all the news and facts kids want to know.


Each edition has six pages of the week’s biggest and most exciting news stories from the United States and around the globe. We give children the facts behind the headlines, helping them make sense of our busy, colorful world.

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The big debate

Prepare kids for the future by encouraging them to see both sides of a current topic. Clear, trustworthy information and insights empower kids to think critically, explore different points of view, and form their own opinions.

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Science and nature

We bring STEM subjects to life with easy-to-understand reporting on exciting scientific developments and discoveries. We feed kids’ curiosity with fascinating, positive news about nature, encouraging them to protect their planet.

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We bring kids all the exciting news from professional, college, and kids’ sports. We highlight positive athletic achievements that will get children more engaged in playing and watching their favorite games.

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Arts and entertainment 

Inspire kids’ creative drive with our reviews of the latest family-friendly movies, art, music, shows, books, games, and apps. They’ll get to know the talented people behind the stories and discover what motivates them.

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Get children making and doing with fun, hands-on craft projects and easy-to-follow recipes—plus brain-building puzzles and a weekly quiz.

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