Kids holding banners - What is your big idea?

Junior Voices:
Tell us your
big ideas

Could you make the world a better place?

The Week Junior gives children the facts they need to make sense of the world and the confidence to speak up. We know our readers are smart, thoughtful, and full of awesome ideas, so we want to hear what they have to say. 

Our campaign, Junior Voices, is their opportunity to be heard. It’s a chance for children to tell us what they care about and to inspire real, positive change—locally and globally. 

We’re asking kids to tell us what they think would make the world a better place. We’ll deliver their ideas directly to the organizations who share their goals. We’ll also publish some of them in the magazine. So if your child has a big idea, here’s how they can share it with us.


Share a big idea on a Junior Voices postcard

We want to hear your kids' big ideas! Simply print a postcard, have your child write or draw their big idea on it, and email it to us at

Download the postcard here




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