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How to talk to kids about the midterm elections

A message from our editor-in-chief

Hello to The Week Junior community,

Election season is always an exciting time in the United States, and there’s a great deal at stake this year, from the balance of power in the House and Senate to numerous positions at the state and local level. It’s a perfect opportunity to help young people understand how our democracy works.

The Week Junior is here, as always, to help kids make sense of what can be a confusing process. This is an informed, aware, and involved generation of children, and we know they want their questions answered and want to feel a part of what’s happening. 

We also know they will have opinions, which we encourage you to explore with them and support. I hope our resources build excitement and spark family discussions in your home.

The advice I gave in a recent media interview may also be helpful. I invite you to watch the NBC News segment on talking to children about the news.

With my best wishes,

Andrea Barbalich


What kids want from elected officials

At The Week Junior, we know children care about what’s happening in the world around them. We wanted to hear their thoughts, so we worked with polling company YouGov to conduct our third annual Junior Voices survey. The 748 kids from around the country made it clear that they care about current events and are eager to voice their opinions. Find out more, including the top three issues they would like elected officials to pay the most attention to, here: All about what kids think

Read more about our Junior Voices survey in this story in The Week.


Helping kids understand the midterm elections

The Week Junior will be covering the midterm elections as they unfold. Our news stories are written in a calm, factual, and age-appropriate way to help kids make sense of what’s going on. Our coverage includes:


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What does democracy mean to you?

The midterm elections can help kids understand the concept of a democracy and decide what it means to them. We’ve provided a form they can use to share their ideas, in words and drawings, with us. You can email the form to hello@theweekjunior.com. We will publish some submissions in future issues.