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The Week Junior is a fun, fascinating current events magazine for kids ages 8 to 14.

Every week our editors bring the world to life, helping children improve their reading, recognize honest news reporting, and develop critical thinking skills.

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What our test panel readers say

Carson, 12, Massachusetts

I like how the magazine talks about topics from around the world. It has cool articles and pictures. It’s great to see stories about adults and kids who are trying to change the world.

Truman, 12, New Jersey

I like the magazine because it helps me understand science and animals easily and without confusion.

Alex and Ava, 9, Connecticut

The puzzles in The Week Junior are so fun and very challenging! We like to see who can get the most answers right.

Daniel, 8, Minnesota

I read the Week Junior because it gives me interesting information about what is happening. My favorite section is Around the World.