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Summer of Reading


The Week Junior wants kids to enjoy reading all summer!

Welcome to our 2023 Summer of Reading campaign! To create this year’s reading list, we asked more than 150 children from across the country what middle-grade books they enjoy most. We took their suggestions and turned them into an exclusive list of titles. We hope these picks help keep your child excited and engaged to read all summer.

Our Summer of Reading campaign also includes a challenge. We challenge kids to read three books this summer (any books they like!) and fill out a form to tell us what they think about the books.  To enter, an adult should upload the form to tinyurl.com/TWJUS-ReadingChallenge. Every child who submits a form will be entered to win free books and a personal video call with one of our Author Ambassadors. The sweepstakes is open now through August 11. Happy reading! 

We want you to participate, too! How you can join in:

  • Encourage your child to take part in the Summer of Reading challenge.
  • Spread the word to other families and invite them to join in.
  • Follow along with @theweekjuniorus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, share and like our content, and use the hashtag #summerofreading in your own posts.
summer of reading - girl reading

Why is it so important for kids to read for pleasure?

  • Reading for pleasure builds brain function, vocabulary, and concentration. Students who read for 20 minutes a day encounter 1.8 million words a year, significantly boosting their vocabularies.
  • It builds empathy and connects children to people and places beyond their experience. Research shows that 74% of kids say reading helps them understand the world.
  • It unlocks the door to learning for a lifetime. The key is to let children read what they want and to make it joyful and fun. Join in and see what happens!
Summer of Reading - child reading
  • Are you looking for more books your child may love reading? Check out our Summer of Reading book list from last year.


  • Inspire a child with the gift of reading. Special discounted subscriptions are available here.


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From everyone at The Week Junior, happy summer!